Krijn Hoetmer

I'm an experienced freelance web developer with a focus on open standards, commitment to accessibility, loyalty to maintainability, eye for usability, dedication to details, craving for simplicity and passion for performance. I'm fluent in HTML, CSS & JavaScript, knowledgeable about (mobile) browsers and quirks, and I can easily adapt to various frameworks, tech stacks & teams. I'm mostly interested in user-centered, agile, progressively enhanced, future-friendly projects. I still host and maintain a CMS and a bunch of websites that are 20 years old, because keeping things simple simply scales.

Since 2008, I've been organising conferences on web development related topics. The first few years as a volunteer with Fronteers, and as of 2011 professionally as well, with our own brands, like, CSS Day and Mobilism. Meanwhile, I've been involved with over 30 successful conferences. There's this simple deep-diving, single-track, content-focused, attendees-first, bullshit-less formula I've been using since the beginning, and it just works. It also helps I'm able to build and maintain our own websites and ticket shops, of course.

Next to all this, I'm part-time teaching web development and coaching front-end students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which basically boils down to me shaking my head a lot, in the most respectful way possible. Keeping things simple is hard these days.

And I like badminton and voluntary work, and combining web development with badminton, so I've also built some hobby projects around that. In fact, everything I do started from a hobby. But don't tell anyone I don't take myself too seriously. It would ruin my career.

Throw all this in a blender, together with having young twins, a smudge of OCD, and a self-proclaimed lack of social skills, and you've got me.

Feel free to get in touch on any of these topics! :)

How to reach me