IE doesn't even understand a:hover - only a[href]:hover

Well, theoretically, cause IE doesn't know about attribute selectors of course ;)

I have an anchor in me, with a href attribute. Everybody understands me :).

I have an anchor in me, without a href attribute though. IE doesn't do his hover thingy on me :). No pointer cursor in standard browsers btw.

I have an anchor in me, without a href attribute, but with 'cursor: pointer;'.

I have a span in me, with an onclick attribute. Too fluffy for IE anyways.

Is this because <h3><a name="jumpHere">Header</a></h3> was nice (used a lot) in the early days? Would mean IE was clever then :]

The bad thing; IE does not know about :hover, not even on anchors. The good thing; it can style hovered links with a:hover. Kewl 'feature'.

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